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An artificial reef is a man-made, underwater structure, typically built for the purpose of promoting marine life, and are good for marine ecosystems.

These artificial reefs are usually designed to provide hard surfaces to which algae and invertebrates such as barnacles, corals, and oysters attach; the accumulation of attached marine life in turn provides intricate structure and food for fish.

Artificial reef development in South Carolina's coastal and offshore waters is managed through the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources, Marine Resources Division (MRD). The state's Marine Artificial Reef Program, first established in 1973, is a part of the MRD's Office of Fisheries Management (OFM). As of January 1996, the OFM held permits for the continued development of 38 artificial reef construction sites along the South Carolina coast. These sites are located in waters from 9 to 110 feet deep, ranging from inshore locations to areas as far as 35 miles offshore.

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Artificial Reefs and Fishing Piers

Beaufort 45 Reef
Lat 32 07.15'N, Long. 80 29.30'W
Concrete reef balls and army tanks provide high profile habitat.

Betsy Ross Reef
18 miles off Hilton Head Island
Lat. 32 03.2'N, Long. 80 25.0'W
The 440-foot long liberty ship is the largest single piece of material on any of South Carolina's artificial reefs. In 85 feet of water, trolling and bottom fishing habitat.

Eagles Nest Reef
Lat. 32 09'.44 N, Long. 80 32'.26 W.
Tugboat, barge, cement truck, concrete blocks, tires.

Edisto Offshore Reef
23.5 miles from Stono Inlet at
Lat. 32 14.1'N, Long. 79 50.5'W
Originating as a mid-water trolling alley in 1980, this one mile square reef is the farthest offshore in the South Carolina system. In the 50-72 foot waters, King and Spanish Mackerels, Barracuda, Amberjack and Dolphin can be found.

Fish America Reef
Lat. 32 07.9”N, Long. 80 24.9'W
2.5 miles east of Hilton Head Island - Consists entirely of heavy pieces of concrete culvert pipe in only 9 feet of water. Mackerels, bluefish and sea trout.

Fripp Island Drydock
Lat. 32 17.1'N, Long. 80 24.9'W
120x80x20 foot structure. Sea bass, sheepshead and bluefish are abundant around the wreck.

Fripp Island Reef
Lat. 32 15.5'N, Long. 80 22.5'W.
Located 5.8 miles from Fripp Island - Concrete culvert pipe, scrap steel and over 50,000 automobile tires in 30-38 feet of water. Bottom fishing for Black Sea Bass, Porgy and Flounder is good in this area.

Gaskin Banks Wreck
Lat. 32 05.8'N, Long. 80 42.1'W
Consists of many steel railroad rails, 6-10 feet under water.

General Gordon Wreck
Lat 32 10.1'N, Long. 80 33.2'W
2.0 miles due east of R14 in Port Royal Sound.
250 foot steel hulled sailing vessel.

Hilton Head Reef
Lat. 31 59.7'N, Long. 80 35.7'W
1800'- Located 11.5 miles off of Hilton Head at reef in 50 feet of water. Black Sea Bass, Porgy, Grouper, Sheepshead, Amberjack, Barracuda, Mackerel and Cobia.

Hunting Island Reef
Lat. 32 13.0'N, Long. 80 20.3'W
10 miles southeast of Hunting Island, arges, a dredge tender, landing craft and approximately 30,000 tires.

Paradise Fishing Pier - (843) 838.5455
Fripp Inlet on Hunting Island
The longest free-standing fishing pier on the east coast. 1120 feet long, lighted for night fishing. Open 24 hours from March-December.

Hwy. 170 - Broad River Pier
Flounder, Sheephead, Spot, Sharks, Cobia. No fee. Saltwater fishing licenses are required.

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Boating Safety and Tips

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There are several artificial reefs and fishing piers. that provide great fishing.

Make sure you review the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources for Fish and Wildlife Regulations before you start fishing.

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